Deity of the Pantheon of Fates




  1. personal justice
  2. if perseverance is the end, then any means are justified
  3. utter abhorrence of permanent loyalty, bonds, contracts


Is said to be in an everlasting war with Asmodai, unable to break stalemate due to the stabilising presence of Panaedis. Followers of Asmodeus have no formal places of worship but nonetheless devote themselves to drawing power and success from their deity, any followers that place Asmodeus above themselves immediately fall out of favour with the god. Individual reverence is valued above all else.


Most often depicted as an androgynous cyclopean human in fine clothing. Other depictions include a broken ouroboros, a hyena on its hind legs and a rotten egg. It is often difficult to discern which aspects have evolved naturally and which have been developed by the clergy of the Pantheon of Fates’ other deities.


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