Equal Opportunities Adventurers


The PCs make good on their meeting with Averell Bissen. He informs them that he represents a group known as the ‘black ruby’ that require their services.

The PCs are hired to drive a smuggler out of town, preferably non-lethally, and to murder an alchemist in the most visible way possible. They accept both jobs for 13.5k gold total, more gold than they’ve ever had.

They trade the alchemist’s life for a spell and his agreement to go on vacation and they fail in driving the smuggler away, she escapes through a window whilst the PCs do battle with her Minotaur guard. He manages to gorge the elf before dying.

The elf and Jigglesworth dive into a river of shit whilst Norhorn carefully climbs down the building, the elf feels the holes in his body rendered by the horns of the Minotaur begin to grow hot.

The PCs go back to meet Bissen to claim their rewards which results in Norhorn putting an arrow between his eyes and the group being arrested, charges yet to be known.


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