Equal Opportunities Adventurers


The players arrive in Indelshire and accept a mission from Broin Orundal to rid a mountain pass in the Ambershard Mountains of orcs so that he may set up a trade route between Indelshire and Delgall


Players parley with the orcs and agree to eradicate the hilltribe that are harrassing the pass in exchange for a stone tablet


PCs head to valderin’s gate and fight the undead priests, find a magical bow, mace and the tablet


PCs return to indelshire, mature black dragon engulfs the town in acid. Broin steals the tablet, forces the dragon to leave and escapes in his airship.
PCs hire Ghori Splitvein as their captain and accept the quest of building an airship


PCs explore dwarven mine for aircraft components and are successful


PCs return to a hostile Indelshire, Broin had returned in their stead and convinced the towns people that he had slain the dragon and saved them all. In trying to prove their innocence, the ugly elf assaulted a gnome and ended up in jail.


PCs talk their way out of jail and recruit a bunch of deckhands to take their aircraft to the skies and pursue Broin, who conveniently waits one mile out side of Indelshire in his ship.

An airship battle ensues, everyone dies, the aircraft crashes into a swamp outside on Oldlight. Jigglesworth’s divine powers awaken and he nurses the party back to health.


PCs arrive in Oldlight to witness a public hanging. One voice of protest in the crowd is silenced, the PCs track the voice to an alleyway where town guards are beating a woman. The woman turns out to be one of the hanged mens wives. In return for saving her, she provides them with lodgings in her mansion and introduces them to Coleman Jaffe. The PCs decide to uncover the truth behind the hanging.


PCs attempt to grill Marlo Luby about the hangings, to no effect. They spend time preparing to protect Jarret Jaffe from assassination at his fathers ball. Jigglesworth purchases a hand crossbow and the Elf gains two new spells.


PCs attend the party, Brackdern, Victoria and Nathley all have reasons to hate Jarret, who seems indifferent to their concerns. Jarret reveals personal knowledge of the PCs which leads them to suspect him as an imposter or as possessed etc. Norhorn finds Jarret’s quarters to have been rummaged through as well as a fire consuming lots of documents, Norhorn salvages a small note with ‘E. Telim’ signed at the bottom.

The party ends when Coleman begins to suspect his son and the PCs begin to interrogate Jarret.


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