Glamoured Studded Leather

+1 disguise armour


+1 bonus to AC.
As an action, while wearing the armour, you can speak the armour’s command word to change the armour’s appearance. The armour assumes the appearance of a normal set of clothing or some other kind of armour. You decide what it looks like, including colour, style, and accessories. The armour retains its normal bulk and weight, however. The illusionary appearance lasts until you speak the command word again to change its appearance.


This armour resembles normal studded leather, but the metallic studs that cover its surface are etched with fine lines that trace complex patterns.
Crafted in conjunction with skilled illusionists, this armour is ideal for a spy or assassin who wants to blend into a crowd. Because of the origin of this armour, some cities where intrigue is the norm have passed laws outlawing glamoured armour— although the armour’s nature makes such laws difficult to enforce.

Glamoured Studded Leather

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